Heart Failure

Heart disease is a very serious condition that individuals from all walks of life contend with. Currently in the United States, it is the number one cause of death. A number of factors contribute to heart disease including high blood pressure, diabetes, poor diet and lifestyle choices, and genetic factors. Recently, there have been numerous technological developments in the treatment of heart disease, including the pacemaker, the defibrillator, and the LVAD. If you live on Long Island, working with an experienced Heart Failure Cardiologist is key towards longevity.

Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive heart failure is a condition where the heart cannot effectively pump oxygen rich blood throughout the body. This condition involves the heart pumping the blood at a much slower rate and the heart muscle becoming weak. This can cause blood to build up in the veins and fluid to flood different areas of the body. An individual suffering with advanced heart failure can potentially need a heart transplant, however, since it is very challenging to receive a heart transplant, an alternative treatment would be receiving an LVAD.

Coronary Artery Disease & Heart Attack

Coronary artery disease is a large factor behind congestive heart failure. Coronary artery disease occurs when the walls of the coronary artery begin constricting due to the buildup of a substance known as plaque. This process is called  atherosclerosis. When the walls of the arteries become thinner and thinner, less oxygenated blood can travel to the heart. Over time, the entire artery may become completely blocked causing a clot, resulting in a heart attack. Because the blood flow throughout the coronary artery becomes completely blocked, the heart muscle can die causing heart failure.

Whether you are the beginning stages of heart disease or on the cusp of heart failure, visiting Dr. Kavesteen, an experienced Long Island heart failure cardiologist will help provide you with the most advantageous course of treatment. With three convenient locations in Nassau and Suffolk counties, Dr. Kavesteen has served the Long Island community for over 15 years.